Terry Dame

Composer; sound designer; musician; instrument inventor; music editor; owner, Dame Audio

Film scores include:
Puccini for Beginners; Closer to Heaven; Big Dreams in Little Hope; The Disappearance of TiSoeur: Haiti After Duvalier; Rove; The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love; Blue Vinyl

Film festival screenings include:
Sundance, Ann Arbor, Museum of Modern Art, London, Anthology Film Archives, Berlin, San Francisco, Brooklyn Museum


Sound Workshop I

This course will explore the many forms of sound creation and what can be done with them. There will be an equal emphasis on sonic and compositional aspects, including form and structure, texture, and the technical concepts of understand- ing and using recording equipment and software. Emphasis will be placed on “outside the box” thinking regarding the possibilities of sound creation. Class time will be divided among lecture, discussions and practical/technical exercises. Topics will include the physics of sound, hearing vs. listening, psychoacoustics, the history of sound art and concepts in sound art composition. Practical projects will involve creating sound art compositions using Avid Pro Tools and exploring the deep connection between sound and imagery.

Sound Workshop II

Intended for students who want to expand their ability to compose within the medium of sound, this course will focus on the conceptual and technical contexts for the composition of computer-based music. Coursework will consist of individual creative projects, in-class project presentations and discussion. The first half of the semester will explore the advanced use of Avid Pro Tools for music composition using MIDI sequencing and sampling with virtual instruments and various types of MIDI controllers and surround-sound mixing. The second half focuses on inter- active sound possibilities for installation and performance applications utilizing Ableton Live, Max for Live, sensor technologies and Arduino, and will culminate in a final project of each student’s own design. Note: Prior musical training is not a prerequisite for this course.


  • BS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MFA, California Institute of the Arts


  • Best Sound Design, Ann Arbor Film Festival; Sundance Institute Lab Fellow; New York State Council on the Arts; Meet the Composer