Rory Solomon

Adjunct professor & Freelance software engineer

Exhibitions include:
“Function Time”, Instrument, Kulturmöllan Triennial, Lövestad, Sweden; “[here][now]“, collaboration with Marek Walczak. MEDIA [CIRCUS], Culturehub, New York, NY; “The Virtual Urban Collective,” collaboration with Marek Walczak. Aronson Gallery, New York, NY; “[east village][2010]”, collaboration with Marek Walczak. Conflux Festival, New York, NY; “Virtual Urban”, collaboration with Marek Walczak. Shadow & Light, Lövestad, Sweden; “Virtual Urban”, collaboration with Marek Walczak. Interactivos, Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain; “[here][now]” in collaboration with Marek Walczak. Incheon Digital Art Festival, Incheon, Korea; “Digital Puppetry”, collaboration with Tine Papendick. Interactivos, Eyebeam, New York, NY; “Noplace,” collaboration with Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg. Synthetic Times, National Art Museum, Beijing, China; “Noplace Beta,” collaboration with Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg. Video Vortex, Netherlands Media Art Institute

Publications include:
“Other Dimensional Models of the Medium as Muse,” in: Other Travel, Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani [forthcoming]
“Drawing with Code,” “Motion and Framerate,” and “Basic Interaction,” in: xtine burrough & Michael Mandiberg, Digital Foundations, (FLOSSmanuals, 2009)


New Media Theory

The history and theory of new media from aesthetic, cultural and political perspectives will be outlined in this course. Key texts from science, technology, cultural theory and philosophy will be used to illustrate how mediation in various forms has impacted perception, communication, information systems and cultural production. Prominent theories will be referenced to trace the development of the term “new media.” Other topics include the logic of the database as a new cultural form, as well as notions of software and the power of code’s structures and rules. How networks affect cultural production—from social networking to semantic filtering to intellectual properties and urbanity—will be explored. Through lectures, reading assignments and discussions, new media will be positioned in this larger cultural context.


  • PhD in progress, Media Culture & Communication, NYU; MA Media Studies, The New School, BA Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley


  • Cluster Grant (for “Emergent Infrastructures Group”), Provost’s Office, The New School; Thesis Academic Achievement Award, School of Media Studies, The New School for Public Engagement; Media Studies Departmental Merit Scholarship, The New School, New York, NY