Rich Shupe

Founder, President, FMA, New York

CD Projects include:
All Access: The Horde Tour, Freak Show, Bad Day on the Midway, Society of Mind, The Complete Maus, The Gingerbread Man

Publications include:
Learning ActionScript 3.0, Flash 8: Projects For Learning Animation and Interactivity, CS3 Web Workflow Guide, CS3 Design Workflow Guide, The Director Xtras Book,


App Design and Development

This introductory course will explore producing applications for mobile devices and understanding their creative potential. From concept through development and testing to distribution and sales, we will address the entire process of bringing an app to users. A variety of app development paths will be discussed. With no programming experience required, students will develop a simple web app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then use Phone Gap to bundle the product as an application suitable for distribution through various app stores and marketplaces. In addition, we will explore device-specific features, such as accessing the camera, using the accelerometer for motion-driven games, using geolocation, and more. Note: While not a course requirement, students who wish to test apps on their own iOS devices must join an Apple Developer Program and bring their laptops to class. 

User Experience Design and Development

User experience (UX) is an essential focus of designers, artists and developers. This course will address how usability, accessibility and information architecture shape design: from applications and websites to fine art and installations to industrial and product design. Students will learn how to make responsive designs for desktops and mobile devices—even television. Bringing designs to life through prototyping both improves the refinement of your work and dramatically assists the creative process. We will use prototypes to explore navigation methods, how they influence generative art and data visualizations.


  • BA, Lehigh University



McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, IBM, Apple Computer, Nickelodeon, Marvel Interactive, John Wiley & Sons, Pearson Education, Loews Theaters