Nikita Mikros

Game developer; chief executive officer, Tiny Mantis Entertainment


Game Design

The study of interactive design is at the core of what is unique to making art on the computer. Game design is the creation of interactive, self-contained systems of rules that usually contain a challenge and a victory condition. This course is geared not only toward those interested in the game industry, but also toward those interested in creating compelling and meaningful interactivity. This goal will be met through the exploration and critique of the work of interactive artists and commercial game designers. The course will include guest lectures by artistsĀ and game designers, readings, assignments to create paper prototypes for games, commercial and fine art games. Students will research and play games that lie outside the course syllabus and share those experiences in a thoughtful and meaningful way.


  • BA, Queens College; MFA, School of Visual Arts



Cartoon Network, New York City Parks Department, Templar Studios, Gamelab, Pop & Company, Black Hammer Productions, Numeral