Jose Vargas

Senior system administrator, MFA Computer Art Department, School of Visual Arts; visual artist

Professional Experience include:
Freelance media artist

Group Exhibitions include:
Flux Studios, New York, NY; Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY; SALT Space, New York, NY;


3D for Fine Artists

This course aims to introduce different 3D techniques that can be used to produce artistic content. It is intended for students who are not necessarily pursuing 3D animation as a specialization and will introduce different 3D content creation and acquisition workflows. It will also cover ways to present the 3D content that is relevant for a fine artist, such as interaction using the Unity Game Engine and various ways to display it, including virtual reality and projection mapping. Students will have the opportunity to develop artwork through critique and discussion of historical and aesthetic perspectives of computer art. Assigned projects include still, time-based and interactive works.

Computer Systems I

The purpose of this course is to give an overview of the inner workings of computer systems. It will cover the many facets of computers, including logic, hardware, programming and software, how they communicate to create networks and how to use that knowledge to make informed technical choices. It will review the theory, history and cultural context behind the emergence of computer systems, which has shaped the current technological state of affairs. Students will also learn to configure hardware and software for specific tasks, including motion graphics, 3D animation and fine art.

Computer Systems II

The MFA Computer Art Lab is a sophisticated and complex network of computers, peripherals, software, servers and other high-end components. If students are to take advantage of the true potential and power of the MFA lab, indoctrination in “real-world” problem solving is necessary. This course dissects, researches and solves systems problems that prepare students to successfully execute a thesis project. In addition to lectures, field trips will be made to state-of-the-art facilities.


  • BA, University of Puerto Rico; MFA, School of Visual Arts