In Pyo Hong

Computer graphics animator

Film Festival Screenings include:
Annecy, Athens, SIGGRAPH, Brooklyn, Cleveland, AFI Dallas, Atlanta, Florida, Canada, Nashville, Palmsprings, Woodstock, Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica, São Paulo, Córdoba, Holland, San Francisco Asian American, New York Asian American, Hawaii, Sedona, Puchon, New York Digital Salon


Production Issues: Animation I

The production of animation projects will be examined in this course through such topics as scene layout, camera, motion, shading, lighting, effects, rendering and compositing. Focusing on production methods as they are practiced in the professional realm, assignments will address the conceptualization, design, scheduling and techniques of animation production for thesis projects.

Production Issues: Animation II

A continuation of Production Issues: Animation I, this course will go into greater depth in the examination and discussion of thesis projects and professional production methods. Advanced techniques in lighting, texturing and rendering will be addressed. Prerequisite: Production Issues: Animation I.


  • BS, Kwang-Woon University; MFA, School of Visual Arts
  • MFA, School of Visual Arts


  • Well-Told Fable Prize, SIGGRAPH; Grand Jury Prize, New York International Film and Video Festival; Best Animation, Long Island Big Fish Film Festival; Best Animation, San Diego Asian Film Festival; Lyon Asian Film Festival


CBN Network, Syfy, AIG, Credit Suisse, Starbucks, Kenny Scharf Studio, Matrix Art Collective