Ilan Gabai

Effects technical director, Blue Sky Studios

Film Projects Includes:

Fast & Furious; Takers; Rio; Ice Age: Continental Drift; Rio 2; Epic; Foodfight!


Television Projects Includes:

Rescue Me, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Fringe, V, Lost, FlashForward, Sid The Science Kid


Dynamics and Particle Systems

Particles and dynamics will be used in this course to explore a variety of special effects families, including: explosions, chemical reactions, flocking animals, complex morphing, meteorological phenomena, glows, magical effects, dust and tornadoes. The effects will be built from scratch and then we will identify, refine and control the most essential aesthetic parameters. Topics will include: particles, fields, goals, collision detection, the instancer, springs, paint effects, hard and soft bodies, deformer interaction, shader networks, glows, software and hardware render compositing, and lighting. Students will develop a strong foundation in MEL (Maya Embedded Language). Prerequisite: Advanced 3D Techniques.


  • BFA, with honors, Pratt Institute