Hans Tammen

Deputy director, Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center

Professional Experience include:
Senior Union Technology Consultant, BTQ Kassel; Communication Technologies in Arts, Science and Research Group, University of Kassel; Programming Consultant, Trifolium Software

Performances include:
International Digital Arts Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria; Cyland Festival, St.Petersburg Russia; Unyazi Festival, South Africa; EarZoom Sonic Arts Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Next Festival, Bratislava; GogolFest, Kiev; Re-New Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen; Carnival of eCreativity, Bhimtal, India, New York Electronic Art Festival; Musée d’Art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, France; Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona


Creative Programming for Artists I

This course is intended for students who have no prior exposure to programming and who want to build their own tools to create digital art. We will take a close look at the techniques used to program simple manipulations of video and sound works, control these with a broad range of external controllers that are commercially available, as well as with simple camera and motion-tracking techniques. The course will consist of lectures and presentations, with a short assignment after each session. Software and hardware includes: Max/MSP/Jitter and the Processing language tool set; Arduino, iCube, and other I/O devices; Korg Nano, QuNeo and MIDI-based controllers; Kinect, Leap, and other 3D interfaces; iPhone, iPad, and smartphone apps that are able to control the computer.

Creative Programming for Artists II

Intended for students with a basic understanding of computer programming, this advanced course is recommended for anyone who wants to build his/her own tools to create digital art. By the end of the semester, students should be able to program self-generating artworks and use data from the Internet to create artworks. The course will consist of lectures and presentations, along with short assignments, culminating in a final project. Software and hardware includes what was covered in the introductory course. Prerequisite: Creative Programming for Artists I, or instructor’s permission.

Production Issues: Fine Art

Geared toward students working on their own projects in the area of installation art, interactive video, sound art or performance, this course will address issues surrounding creative projects and follow the projects to completion. Topics will include timeline and budgets, contractual issues for hiring musicians/engineers, testing and documentation. We will also discuss networking, press materials, CV, promotion, identifying funding sources and grant writing. How digital artworks can survive in a time of constant technological changes will be addressed.


  • Diploma, Kassel University


  • New York Foundation for the Arts, Multi-Arts Production Fund, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, American Music Center, New York State Council on the Arts, American Composers Forum, Jerome Foundation, Goethe Institut, New York State Music Fund