Gerald Marks

Video director, printmaker, digital artist

Printed editions for:
Helen Frankenthaller, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Marisol, Robert Indiana, Alan D’Arcangelo, Red Grooms, Leo Castelli Gallery, Tibor de Nagy Gallery

One-person exhibitions include:
Metropolitan Transit Authority; Sony ExploraScience, Beijing

Group exhibitions:
Alternative Museum, New York Hall of Science, American Museum of Natural History


Stereoscopic 3D

Stereoscopic 3D, which provides separate images for each eye, has been part of imaging since the dawn of photography. Working with stereo imagery has become increasingly valuable in entertainment, and the arts and sciences. It also offers a window into visual perception and the opportunity to re-examine many of the techniques and issues confronted in conventional image work. This course will cover the diverse methods and artistic possibilities for producing and displaying stereo imagery. Students will produce several stereoscopic projects that explore their own artwork using video, still images or animation.



  • Visiting Scholar, Spatial Imaging Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Artist-in-Residence, Exploratorium, San Francisco; Artist-in-Residence, Mid-American Museum, Hot Springs, AK; Design Award, Villager; Set Design Award, Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival


The Rolling Stones, Sony, Nashville Ballet, American Cinematographer, Atlantic Records, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Scholastic Publications