Luis Rodrigo Navarro

New media artist

Group Exhibitions include:
SVA Chelsea Gallery; SVA Flatiron Gallery; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Puerto Rico


3D Design and Fabrication I

This course will examine several methods of virtual to digital output. It will cover the software programs needed to successfully translate creative ideas into a file format that will be used for printing and cutting, or to machine-build a project. Applications include SolidWorks, Rhino, Modo, SketchUp, Sculptris, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Geomagic, MasterCam, Vcarve Pro and Cut3D. Weekly assignments will familiarize students with 3D scanning and printing, laser and CNC milling and cutting machines, and other techniques. The works of well-known artists who use these technologies as well as the history of these types of artistic production will be discussed.

3D Design and Fabrication II

This course is a continuation of 3D Design and Fabrication I. After mastering the basics of digital and mechanical methods of making art, students will begin to work on advanced projects. Class time will include discussions on the evolving aesthetics of this type of work. Students will produce several projects during the course of the semester, or may use this class as an adjunct for fabricating their thesis projects. Prerequisite: 3D Design and Fabrication I.


  • BBA, University of Puerto Rico, MFA School of Visual Arts