Darius Daftary

Lead product engineer, Artivest.co, Director


Web Programming I

Serving as an introduction to the basic concepts, techniques and technologies of Web programming, this course will address how to design and build dynamic and database-driven sites for the Web. Conceptual and practical programming ideas will be examined through the creation of flowcharts, as well as working through examples of code and scripts, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The exploration of design principles and building dynamic templates will be achieved by working on assigned projects.

Web Programming II

Students will be introduced to programming concepts used to create dynamic content for the Web. Assuming basic HTML skills, students will learn to add JavaScript to pages to effect client-side dynamic pages. CSS, XML, JSP and introductory database techniques will be explored to add functionality to a Web application. Several short assignments will be given, enabling students to produce creative and innovative websites. Prerequisite: Web Programming I, or instructor’s permission.


  • BA, Washington University



GENWI, Night Agency, David's Bridal, Shiseido