Ben Voldman

Illustrator; animator; principal

Group Exhibitions Include:

P339 Gallery, Society of Illustrators, Bushwick Open Studios



This course will survey a range of aesthetic issues, practical techniques and software applications used for digital compositing. The role of compositing in feature film and television commercial production will be examined in depth through practical examples. Students will be assigned short projects that reflect the ideas and techniques discussed in class and will present their creative work for critique.

3D Modeling and Animation

The technical concepts of creating computer-generated 3D imagery will be the focus of this course. We will also examine the application of the aesthetic concepts of traditional animation to creative 3D animation. Geometric construction, surface texturing, scene illumination and cameras will be covered. Techniques such as squash-and-stretch, anticipation, follow-through, overlapping action, arcs of motion, exaggeration, staging and appeal will be explored. Assignments integrate technical and aesthetic information into short, creative 3D animation projects.

Advanced 3D Techniques

This course will demonstrate advanced 3D techniques in animation, texturing, lighting and rendering. Students will explore aesthetic concepts that establish mood, environment, time of day and color through the use of light. Conveying character will be emphasized through acting and movement. Short assignments will focus on developing animated characters and their imaginary worlds. The use of the production pipeline and development of a professional workflow will be introduced. Prerequisite: 3D Modeling and Animation.


  • MFA, School of Visual Arts
  • BFA, Florida State University


  • Society of Illustrators


Funny or Die, MTV, Coca-Cola, Autodesk, Village Voice, Penguin Random House Group, Nickelodeon, Washington Post, Boston Globe, AdWeek, Working Not Working, Fast Company, SUPRA