Alex Noyes

Sound Designer, Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer; Owner, ReSound Post

Professional Experience Include:
Postproduction engineer, Mercer Media; sound editor, mixer, Splash Studios

Music Projects Include:
Joseph Celli, Nicolas Collins, Paul Demarinis, David First, Tom Hamilton, Shelley Hirsch, Jason Hwang, Joseph Jarman, Lypsinka, Ben Neill, Zeena Parkins, Ned Rothenberg, They Might Be Giants, Yasunao Tone

Film Projects Include:
Monday’s at Racine, Battle for Brooklyn, Sun Come Up, Born Sweet, Freeheld, Shelter Dogs, What Alice Found

Collaborations Include:
Jin Hi Kim, “Electric Komungo,” Smithsonian Museum; Jin Hi Kim, “Touching The Moons,” Kennedy Center, The Kitchen, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art; Toni Dove, “Artificial Changelings,” Rotterdam Film Festival, Wexner Center; Julia Scher, “Security by Julia,” “Wonderland,” Andrea Rosen Gallery; Julia Scher, “Predictive Engineering 2,” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Sound Workshop I

This course will explore the many forms of sound creation and what can be done with them. There will be an equal emphasis on sonic and compositional aspects, including form and structure, texture, and the technical concepts of understand- ing and using recording equipment and software. Emphasis will be placed on “outside the box” thinking regarding the possibilities of sound creation. Class time will be divided among lecture, discussions and practical/technical exercises. Topics will include the physics of sound, hearing vs. listening, psychoacoustics, the history of sound art and concepts in sound art composition. Practical projects will involve creating sound art compositions using Avid Pro Tools and exploring the deep connection between sound and imagery.


  • BA, Antioch College