Adam Meyers


Group Exhibitions Include:
Pegasus Galleries, Next Gallery, Maxwell Gallery, Park Galleries


Motion Graphics I

Graphics that move, but how? This foundation course will explore the tools and production pipeline within Adobe After Effects and related Creative Cloud applications. Students will be encouraged to investigate trends and software while producing creative work with a focus on art direction. Independent motion graphics projects, as well as television commercials, will be discussed throughout the course as examples of current techniques and what is creatively possible. Assignments will also provide a catalyst for group critique.

Thesis I

The thesis project consists of documented research and a body of creative work. The project should reflect individual direction and interests, attained through an awareness of the creative use of the computer and emerging technologies and its potential in the chosen area of practice. This course is intended to guide students through the initial stages of their thesis. A forum for discussion of content and context, as well as critique of work-in-progress with faculty and visiting artists will be provided. Throughout the year, students will work with a thesis group leader and the department chair.

Thesis II

A continuation of Thesis I, this course is geared to achieving the goals outlined in thesis proposals. Weekly group and individual critiques will be held.

Production Issues: Motion Graphics I

Serving as an expansion upon the topics addressed in first-year motion graphics, this course will explore the workflow of a professional production artist. Photoshop timelines, advanced camera techniques in Cinema 4D and the Adobe After Effects pipeline, character animation, the framing of a story through collage and sound will be covered. Each week, a task is assigned to create elements toward a final project and/or demo reel. Prerequisite: SCG-5573, Video Projects, or SCG-5641, Motion Graphics I, or instructor’s permission.

Production Issues: Motion Graphics II

The focus of this course is from the standpoint of compositing, including the use of green screen, tracking and the combining of 2D/3D and live-action elements. The fundamentals of using video for compositing will also be covered. Students will experiment with advanced techniques for visual effects. Additionally, analysis of the trends of current motion graphics and glitch art, along with the subject of distortion—visually and through sound—will be explored. Prerequisite: Production Issues: Motion Graphics I, or instructor’s permission.


  • AD, Full Sail University



Saturday Night Live, MTV, Bravo, Nickelodeon