Courtesy of Cecelia Puglesi and Yijun Liu

Congratulations to Cecelia Puglesi (MFA 2015 Computer Art), Yijun Liu (MFA 2015 Computer Art), and Min Liu (MFA 2012 Computer Art) for being Official Selections for the Graduation Films Competition at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival! Cecelia, Min, MFA Computer Art Chair Bruce Wands, MFA Computer Art Director of Operations Hsiang Chin Moe, and MFA Computer Art Project Coordinator Milan DelVecchio will attending Annecy.

“Cecilia Puglesi and Yijun Liu put together an amazing collaborative animation that draws upon both 3D and the classic style of animation. The two characters represent different aspects of the psyche and the story evolves around this interplay” – Bruce Wands.

“Bloody Dairy is an excellent example of how Min Liu can evolve a single short animation into a longer engaging work. By adding different elements together in a stylistically cohesive manner, she draws the viewer into the story that unfolds in a unique and creative way” -Bruce Wands.

During Annecy, Bruce, Hsiang, and Milan will have a booth at the Market of International Animation Film. Visit them at booth 4000.
Each year Annecy receives over 2,400 films from 95 countries, and around 230 films are shortlisted in the official selection. The festival will take place June 13-18, 2016 in Annecy, France. We are thrilled for Cecelia and Yijun’s Shift and Min’s Bloody Dairy to be included in this monumental festival!


Courtesy of Min Liu

Shift (Trailer) – Maria Cecilia Pugliesi & Yijun Liu from SVAMFAComputerArt on Vimeo.

Bloody Dairy from Min Liu on Vimeo.