2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the MFA Computer Art Department. Founded in 1986 to encourage creative self-expression using computers and emerging technologies, our 1,000+ alumni continue to invent new forms of artistic expression and contemporary art. Early explorations in digital art, animation and programming have expanded to include the fields of motion graphics, interactive media, digital sculpture and virtual reality. To celebrate this milestone, we have decided to showcase the evolution of the department through the eyes of some of our most notable graduates with a documentary and an exhibition. The documentary highlights their experience as graduate students and what they have accomplished in their professional careers while the exhibition celebrates the accomplishments of particular digital fine art distinguished alumni. We hope you enjoy learning about our department and how we approach digital art education.

SVA MFA Computer Art – 30th Year Anniversary Documentary from SVAMFAComputerArt.

Director – Nada Ray
Executive Producers – Bruce Wands & Hsiang Chin Moe
Director of Photography – Justin Ho
Additional Camera – Carmelo Varela
Camera Assistant – Constantin Poselski
Grip – Brendan Poutier
Chroma Key – Sebastien Boulange
Editor – Aleksander Sepi
Original Music – Mirjiana Gvozdenac, Eddy Hu, Bruce Wands & Additional Music Royalty Free
Color Grading – Fantasy Farmers
Sound Postproduction – Vladimir Milojevic
Interviews by – Nada Ray
Produced by – Nada Ray Media

MFA Computer Art Production Team
Bruce Wands
Hsiang Chin Moe
Angelica Vergel
Milan DelVecchio
India Lombardi-Bello
Ashley Rae Pearsall
Jose Vargas
Milos Paripovic
Darren Santa Maria

Participating Documentary Artists (order of appearance)
John F. Simon, Jr. (1989)
Jenni Yang (2012)
Carlos Saldanha (1993)
David Peng (2000)
Alen Lai (2000)
Federico Muelas (2002)
Joy Tien (2014)
Kamil Nawratil (2013)
Gong Myung Lee (2004)
Hannah Roman (2016)
Eddy Hu (2016)
Jose Carlos Casado (2001)
Nancy Kato (1991)
Ye Won Cho (2002)
Dustin Grella (2009)

Special Thanks
David Rhodes, President of SVA
Blue Sky Studios
Disney Pixar

SVA MFA Computer Art – 30th Year Anniversary Exhibition from SVAMFAComputerArt.

Participating Exhibition Artists:
Anney Bonney (Class of 2008) – Little Quanset Syphers and Cycles between Stillness, 2016
José Carlos Casado (Class of 2001) – Trade.v03, 2015-2016
Dustin Grella (Class of 2009) – Animation Hotline Phone Booth, 2016
Alicia Martin (Class of 2013) – Unborns, 2014-2016
Kamil Nawratil (Class of 2013) – Tension Fibers, 2016
Erwin Redl (Class of 1995) – Dial white-red, white-blue, 2015
John F. Simon Jr. (Class of 1989) – Every Icon, 1996-Ongoing
Zyia Zhang (Class of 2013) – NEXT NATURE: Fluid Skin, 2016

SVA MFA Computer Art – 30th Year Anniversary Logo Animation from SVAMFAComputerArt.

Logo design by Ashley Rae Pearsall
Animation by Panop Koonwat
Film by Nada Ray